Well I want it in writing: the smallest event as a colorful giant puppet

Jessica Eley – amplified cello
Daniel Ginestier – Feynman diagrams for the score
Meredith McCoy – amplified violin
Christopher Miller – bonang barung
Charles Ogilvie – concept
Steve Potter – prepared piano, toy piano

Music for the Sleepy

Rocío Bolaños – clarinet
Steve Potter – objects
Siwan Rhys – piano
Stephen Upshaw – viola


London Sinfonietta Academy Ensemble 2013
George Benjamin – conductor

Quartet More & More
Arditti Quartet


Whiggly Ensemble: Kinderproducts
Justin Christensen, Eugene Feygelson, Steve Potter, Federico Reuben


100 Combat Troupes
Kélina Gotman – libretto and direction
Steve Pottermusic
Adam de la Cour, Kirstin Smith, Cara Curran, Jüri Nael, James Scott, and the London Sinfonietta

written and performed by Steve Potter & Kélina Gotman


old people in the wrong house (dancing with robots)
Nouvel Ensemble Moderne
Lorraine Vaillancourt – conductor


International Ensemble Moderne Academy 2011
Franck Olluconductor

Krono-Metre: Catalogue Out of Time
written and performed by Steve Potter & Kélina Gotman


The Pledge of Allegiance for tape
More Than